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By Megan
Portsmouth, NH
March 9, 2020
Works great, smells amazing!
This was a great price for a product that works so well. Smells amazing. It does tingle a tad but feels amazing. I followed it with the Three Milk moisturizer.
By Shayna
February 24, 2020
I absolutely LOVE this mask!
By Andrea
February 2, 2020
Tightens and smoothies!
Tightens, smoothies, and does not dry you out!
By Miriam N.
January 28, 2020
Love it
I'm in love with this mask. I have large pores and helps to clean out my pores and reduce the size.
By H E.
San Antonio
January 23, 2020
One of the best masks that they have. I have used this since it came out and I think it is one of their most effective products and that is saying something because everything they make is high quality
By Annalis
Caledonia, NY
January 20, 2020
Brighty Tighty Too
This mask definitely revealed brighter and more radiant skin after use! I will say, if your skin is feeling dry or the slightest bit sensitive (mine goes back and forth, especially in the winter), I would wait to use as it definitely tingles, so use your best judgement. Followed with the Three Milk Moisturizer, my skin feels so dang good afterwards!
By Tye
Las Vegas
December 29, 2019
Party on my face!
Man this mask is awesome! It's like a little New Year's Eve party on my face! All the tightening and tingling and goings on was nice. I applied it and walked around the house and happen to look in the mirror and it was almost invisible. It dried and matched my skin tone but I knew it was there because my face was still tight. Once rinsed, it left me mighty tight!
By Ivelisse
December 23, 2019
This Face Mask is amazing
I first experienced this mask at Virtu Spa in South Jersey, Kate was amazing. I can't say enough about this product or any FarmHouse Fresh products. All vegan all good for you. I will be buying this again once I'm done with this jar, and I buy my sister's and mother the same. Thank you FarmHouse Fresh!!
By Laura T.
December 23, 2019
Amazingly miraculous for dull, sensitive skin
#1 this mask smells AMAZING; I was tempted to take a spoon to the jar! After applying a thin layer, it began drying rather quickly, but I didn't feel any discomfort. The "tingling" was minimal and not unpleasant, and rinsing was quick and easy. I have facial scars from an accident 5 years ago, and this did wonderful things for minimizing my scars and redness. Highly recommend!
By Kat
Maui, HI
December 14, 2019
Mighty Tighty indeed!
Already was a fan of the avocado face mask, saw this and wanted to try and was not disappointed. My face was invigorated and felt fabulous after. Will definitely add this as part of my weekly plan.
By Sarahjane
Charleston, SC
November 9, 2019
Bananas over this mask!!!
I get facials about 6 times a year. Had the pleasure of having a facial done last week in Myrtle Beach, SC. The Spa at Marriott Resort used FarmHouse Fresh products... Bam in love. Ordered this item and others used during my facial as soon as I left! Cant wait to treat myself 3 times a week with the Mighty Tighty!!
By Paulette
October 16, 2019
Great tightening mask!
My facialist first used this on me and I loved it, so bought some for home use. Love the pumpkin smell and how well you can feel the tightening. Your skin will love it!
By Holly
New York
October 3, 2019
Mighty Tighty face mask
It feels so amazing afterwards from using it. It does its job well. I got it at the IBS show last year and can't wait to see them again
By Sudie G.
New York
September 24, 2019
Love the glowing and firm feeling gives my skin after each use. I have had this product for about 2 weeks now and have used it exactly 3 times (with a goal of using it twice a week) and every time I feel the tingling sensation, and after washing it off my skin looks squeaky clean almost glowing and feels firm. I am hoping that with long term continuous use it will have great long term benefits.
By Flowergirl
August 21, 2019
Love it!
You can really feel it working! I have sensitive skin and it did not cause any problems.
By Stephanie
McKinney, TX
July 24, 2019
Amazing firming mask!!
I love this mask!! It smells amazing and has wonderful firming properties. This will be a weekly routine for me!
By Nettie
July 17, 2019
A miracle mask!
My daughter in law got me some for mothers day and I love it! I can definitely tell a big difference in my skin! Thank you Melissa
By Kathy
July 12, 2019
Mighty Tighty Face Mask
Absolutely love this mask!!!! I have never had a mask that tight before. Love the way it makes my skin feel!!!
By Connie
Fishers, Indiana
June 26, 2019
Smells Amazing!
Actually have this very mask on my face now. It smells amazing and really tightens up your skin I use this along with the Pudding Apeel for an all around wonderful facial experience.
By Lisa
June 25, 2019
Love this!
Wish I could leave on all day....
By Erin
Dallas, TX
June 13, 2019
I've never used a more tightening mask that wasn't a peel off!
By Karen L.
May 24, 2019
Mighty righty bababa
Love the smell and feel
By Deb
Champaign, Illinois
May 15, 2019
Mighty it is!
I have used my Mighty Tighty Turmeric and Banana Mask three times and I can't praise it enough! I can really feel it working and the results afterward are wonderful. My skin feels tighter, refreshed and appears matte and soft. I am 68 years old and always like to try products that make me appear younger - this one's a keeper! I continue to use my Pajama Paste also as it controls the overly pink caste to my skin. Great products, thank you again, FHF!!!!!!!
By Kendra
May 9, 2019
Not impressed
Disappointed. I expected more considering the price. It burns & tingles, so definitely not for sensitive skin. It smells nice, though.
FarmHouse Fresh:Hi Kendra! We're so sorry to hear you didn't love Mighty Tighty. You are correct, we do not recommend it for sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, and tingling bothers you, you'll want to choose our calming non-mud based masks like Peat Perfection or Guac Star. Our customer care team will reach out to you shortly.
By Maria B.
Slingerlands, NY
April 18, 2019
My skin feels to clean!
I love this mask! It does just what the name says it's going to go which is tighten skin! While applying you may sense a slight tingling, this sensation will go away. As it's drying you can actually feel the skin tightening. When I removed the mask my skin immediately looked clearer and brighter. It smells great too!
By Christina
March 24, 2019
Can't say enough how much I love this!!!!!
FHF masks are the best out there, but this one shares top spot with their Sundae Best mask (you can't go wrong with either!) Your face will feel AMAZING after using it. I would never use masks from any other brand.
By Kathy
Oldsmar, Florida
March 23, 2019
This is so awesome!!!
Kermit, WV
March 9, 2019
WOW 😍😍😍
Wonderful addition to my regimen. After years of years of neglecting my skin, I needed something that packed a punch to get me started in the right direction. I am currently using a few of your products because after trying your toner I was hooked. The Mighty Tighty Mask won't let you down! 😍😍😍
By Patricia
Chesapeake, VA
March 2, 2019
Best Ever
I have very sensitive skin and this is the FIRST mask that I have not had a reaction to...THANK YOU!
By Jtamsmom5
February 26, 2019
Smells like a banana split
Works well with my skin.Can't wait to see what my boyfriend thinks of it. Thanks farmhouse fresh for your awesome products.
By Vickie
February 23, 2019
Mighty Tighty Turmeric mask
Love this product!!! I can tell a difference in my skin.
By Kytti
Palm Desert, CA
February 17, 2019
Quick results
I am using this mask at the end of my facial treatments to give my clients a soft yet firm look to their skin. Everyone loves it!
By Cathy
Tampa, Florida
February 14, 2019
I just love this mask. I use a number of Farmhouse Fresh masks and this is one of my favorites. I am on my third jar. It feels so great when you put it on and smells yummy too. This mask is true to its name and you can really feel it working (tightening) while it is on and when you remove it. This is a great product.
By Cissy C.
January 28, 2019
Wowie! I loved this. I have sensitive skin and used this with no problems. Felt like I had a face lift and the results lasted! Phenomenal! It did not tingle or burn. It felt warm, that's it. I am amazed. GAME CHANGER! 55, very dry skin
By Kandice
Port Orchard, Wa
January 18, 2019
Mighty Tighty
I was soo excited to get this product, the tingling sensation on your face is great, and by the time it dries you can feel it tightening your skin one of my favorites for sure. The smell of this product is super yummy too. A must buy!!
By Anjana
New Jersey
January 11, 2019
The bestest mask ever
Just in one application the skin feels vibrant supple and soft... loved it
By Katie
Ocala, Florida
January 9, 2019
It's amazing
This is one of my favorite products. I have been using it for about a month and noticed a high different in my skin. I will say the first time I used it was more then a tingle it was like a burning sensation but that's ok. I recommend to anyone who says they need a mask to help tighten. I also love FarmHouse Fresh I haven't found one thing I don't love or like yet.
By Karen
New Jersey
December 17, 2018
There is nothing not to love about this mask. It smells great and makes my face feel tighter without feeling dry and it makes it feel soo smooth. I love all your masks.

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